Noticia: NComputing Announces RX-series HDX Optimized Thin Clients for Enterprises, with Optional Dual Monitor Support

Based on Raspberry Pi 3, the RX-HDX thin client includes NComputing’s Integrated Pi Device Management

San Mateo, California - May 23, 2017 - Today, NComputing announces the RX-HDX, a thin client solution based on the latest Raspberry Pi 3. With NComputing’s comprehensive Pi device management capabilities and optional dual monitor support, the RX-HDX delivers a compelling and purpose-built desktop virtualization solution for Citrix enterprise customers.

Following on from the successful launch of the RX300 earlier this year and the strong adoption rates since, NComputing is expanding their RX-series platform to support Citrix with one of the lowest cost per seat solutions available in the market. As an official Citrix HDX Ready Pi partner NComputing has fully optimized HDX (HDX Ready verified) as part of the RX-HDX thin client.

The key features that make the RX-HDX thin client a unique solution in the market include:

  • Fully optimized Citrix HDX Ready integration for compelling performance; full-motion HD video playback and content display (1920x1200) via HDMI and innovative second monitor support (optional).
  • Comprehensive Pi Management Console (PMC) to provide enterprises with integrated remote device management
  • Elegantly designed enclosure with sleep mode button for additional power saving
  • Less than 5W power consumption
  • 8GB internal Micro SD card and 1GB RAM
  • Built-in Kensington security slot and sealed micro SD card for added protection
  • 4x USB 2.0 high-speed ports with full USB redirection
  • Optional VESA mount
  • Built-in WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth 4.1

The RX-HDX integrates NComputing’s comprehensive Pi Management Console (PMC), developed specifically with enterprise customers in mind by providing them with a highly scalable, flexible and easy-to-use single point of RX-HDX device management. Key unique features include the web-based console, which enables IT administrators to manage their RX-HDX Pi devices from anywhere, anytime.

The PMC is designed to be scalable and can manage up to 10,000 devices across multiple networks and locations. It also helps organize a deployment whether it is a single or multiple sites and makes it easy to perform management tasks remotely including firmware updates, configuration changes, device resets and more. By allowing administrators to access and manage all RX-HDX devices from a single location, regardless of the size or number of deployment sites, PMC dramatically reduces the administrative overhead needed to maintain and control their environment.

Young Song, CEO of NComputing, explains: “We are committed to providing purpose-built desktop virtualization solutions. Deployments in enterprises require robust, scalable and comprehensive device management solutions to streamline deployment and lower ongoing maintenance efforts. With NComputing’s extensive experience in device management and knowledge from our desktop virtualization solutions, the integrated PMC solution provides enterprise customers with a full featured device management suite to deploy RX-HDX thin clients in their environment with ease and confidence. NComputing strives to be the Pi-based thin client market leader with purpose-built desktop virtualization solutions for various markets.”

Calvin Hsu, Vice President, Product Marketing at Citrix said: “We are seeing tremendous demand for the Citrix HDX Ready Pi as a cost effective thin client solution for the secure delivery of apps and data. NComputing offers a compelling Citrix HDX Ready Pi solution and tremendous value for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop customers.”

NComputing’s RX-HDX thin client will be available in late July 2017 through authorized NComputing resellers with a MSRP of $119*. For further information about RX-HDX, please visit

*Excluding taxes; price may vary depending on the country

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